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Wood Products

Our firewood is split and dry. Most of it is seasoned ash which is one of the the highest BTU firewoods. That means maximum heat, less smoke and less creosote to clog your chimney. Whether you need some for your campfires or to heat your home, give us a call!

  • Picked up at our bush
    • large bag $10
    • IBC tote $75
  • Cord delivered $125 (minimum 2 cords)
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    Rough Sawn Lumber

    As the world deals with outrageous lumber prices, we’ve all been forced to look for the best prices and selection for building materials. We are here to help. More than landscaping St. Catharines, we are your source for lumber! Whether you are looking for construction lumber, decking, shelving, or woodworking projects we’ve got it. And if we don't, we will cut it!! Most of our lumber, but not all, is fresh cut which means that depending on the type and thickness of the wood it may take a few weeks to a year or more to suitably dry. We are building up our supply of air-dried lumber as we can.

    Board and Batten

    Thinking of building a shed, or cottage, etc., but dread the cost of board and batten? Give us a call. Most board and batten is made of softwood, but we are pleased to offer beautiful, long-lasting, hard ash board and batten. Seal or paint it yourself and it will last for many years.

    • 1x2 x10 = $2.50 ea (1.50 BF)
    • 1x8 x10 = $10 ea (1.50BF)
    • 1x10x10 = $16.67 ea (2BF)

    Live Edge

    We have live edge soft maple, oak and ash slabs. Bring a rustic, rugged and unique feature to your next project - tabletops, fireplace mantels, shelving, or whatever you’re working on, we can help you find the perfect piece. Ranging from 2” thick to 3.5”

    • $3 per board foot

    Nominal Lumber

    We cut true 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 4x4 etc., up to 18-foot lengths.

    • 2x4x8 = $4
    • 2x4x12 = $6
    • 2x6x8 = $6
    • 2x6x12 = $9
    • 4x4x8 = $10
    • 4x4x12 = $16
    • 4x4x16 = $21
    We can accommodate custom sizes, and we use hardwood from the local Ontario landscape.
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