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Our Staff are certified, professional upholstery cleaners

We are your St Catharines upholstery cleaners!

Next to your carpets your upholstered furniture is the most used item in your home. Like carpets upholstered furniture collects dust, odors and food crumbs along with daily soil particles from clothing and skin.

The number one recommended method for cleaning carpets and upholstery Is the hot water extraction method (steam cleaning).

AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning technicians are certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). We only use the best products.

We ensure your upholstery is cleaned without upsetting the appearance, feel or comfort of your furnishings.

  • Expert spotting and stain treatments
  • Deodorizing and Fabric Guard treatments to refresh and protect furniture
  • Specialty cream treatments and hand buffing to renew leather suppleness and luster
  • Application of fabric protection to extend upholstery life and protect against stains.
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    At AAA we have been Area Rug washing in our plant for over 30 years. We take the time and care to properly treat your carpet and maximize our end results. We clean 99% of loose area rugs in our shop, because it allows us the time to:

    • Fully inspect under our special lights
    • Proper pre-treatment of all spots & stains, with appropriate dwell time (sometimes many hours).
    • Thorough vacuuming of front/back/front again
    • Rug Badger is used to “beat” out loose dirt
    • The choice of multiple cleaning options. Depending on the type and material of the rug, and degree & type of soiling
    • The ability to clean them several times over several days, if required
    • Controlled drying with hanging bars. Controlled humidity, air movement and large drying tables
    • A complete and thorough post cleaning inspection to check for remaining spots, odors and any other drying issues
    • A final vacuuming of face yarns and rolled up for storage till delivery or pick up is scheduled
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    Our upholstered furniture cleaning services pricing starts at:
    Chair / Lazy boy
    Loose back cushions, button back, cotton, microfibre or rayon, light or off white colours will incur additional charges.

    *minimum charges apply.
    **10% off does not apply to minimum service charges

    Our Process

    It is important that the following steps be adhered to when having your upholstery cleaned;
    • It is vitally important to know what materials are in the make up of the fabric and the pieces of construction
    • Cotton’s & Rayon’s are two of several materials that required specialty cleaning products and cleaning procedures
    • To check for wear and tear, UV damage, tears and pulls
    • To ask if it has been cleaned before.

    Improper cleaning products and methods can show in subsequent cleanings; as colour’s run, fading, water marking (especially with cottons) and weakened material strength causing tears

    • Vacuuming where required
    • Proper pre-spray and dye lock per material type
    • Working the cleaning products into the material
    Cleaning Method & Tools
    • Low Moisture tools or direct spray depending on condition & material
    • Post-Treatment and Inspection
    • Final inspection of all areas cleaned
    • Pile grooming with horse hair brush (where required)
    • pH stabilizer and dye set applied (depending on material)
    • Protectant applied when requested
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    We are certified upholstery cleaners!

    Beware of untrained, uninsured cleaners who do not have the certification and experience to properly inspect and clean your upholstery.

    The damage they cause is not always immediately noticeable. Colour loss and fading can take days or weeks to show, and it can seem gradual so that you do not notice it till you compare an unclean piece that has not received direct sunlight.

    Strong and high pH cleaning products that are left behind can also greatly deteriorate the fabric itself causing ripping and tearing, as well as possible dye runs and bleeds. Again often times these conditions show up in subsequent cleanings.

    AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning is NOT the cheapest cleaner in the Niagara Region. Actually there are lots of cleaners who are very “cheap.” But like my father used to tell me “Cheap is good, but good is not cheap!”

    We simply will not cut corners to be the cheapest cleaner. We will not risk your expensive upholstery to make a quick buck and leave you with the consequences.

    So if you are looking for a quick cheap cleaning you have come to the wrong place. If you want an honest cleaning, done by trained, certified, insured professionals then chose us; our prices are fair.

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    There are many reasons to choose leather. Leather breathes, it is more durable than fabric, and when properly cared for can maintain an attractive appearance throughout its life. AAA’s technicians are experienced with cleaning finished leathers and have cleaning techniques specifically designed to revitalize and protect your investment. Leather products (furniture in particular) are prone to soiling, fading, cracking, and tearing if not properly maintained. Oils from human skin can damage tanned leather, and can strip its natural oils.

    AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning leather cleaning process works to first thoroughly clean the article, and then replace the natural leather oils lost through both normal wear, and the cleaning process itself. Replacing and replenishing the leather’s natural oils keeps it looking and feeling like new; soft, supple, clean leather, just the way it should be.

    So whether you live in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls or any of the surrounding areas in Niagara you can know that you have a local company that can look after your leather cleaning needs.

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